Bitpoke App Prerequisites

Before installing the Bitpoke App from Google Cloud’s Marketplace, there are some prerequisites that need to be met.

Step 1: Make sure you have a Google account, an active plan and a project

The Bitpoke App is only available on Google Cloud Platform’s Marketplace for now, so you need to have a Google account and an active plan to be able to use it. For testing purposes, you can also use their 12-month free trial with $300 credit, on their Google Cloud Platform Free Tier page you can see more information.

You also need to have a project created, you can create a project from here .

Create a project

Step 2: Create a cluster

Go to the Google Cloud Console and then go to Kubernetes Engine -> Clusters -> Create Cluster.

You need to create (configure) a Standard Cluster: Create Google Cloud Standard Cluster

You can create a standard cluster with the default settings and minimum 3 nodes, or any settings suited to your needs, but make sure you have the following:

1. The static version for your cluster should be 1.17 or 1.18

All App features are available only for Kubernetes 1.17 and Kubernetes 1.18, so make sure to have a static version for your cluster with these versions. Dashboard 1.7 was tested on versions 1.18.15-gke.1501 and 1.17.17-gke.1101.

Create a Kubernetes Cluster

2. Disable the nodes auto-upgrade

By default, the nodes auto-upgrade is enabled, but as not all App versions work with the latest cluster versions, we recommend you to disable this feature.

Disable nodes auto-upgrade

3. Machine type should have at least 4 vCPU and 15 GB memory

Go to Node Pools -> Default Pool -> Nodes to choose your machine type:

Choose Machine Type

For example, you could choose machines starting with n1-standard-4, n2-standard-4 etc.


For testing purposes, you can also use smaller machines, for example if you want to take advantage of the free trial Google is offering . You can create smaller machines to test out Bitpoke App and check out the features it offers, but keep in mind that your sites won’t work properly unless your machine type has at least 4 vCPUs and 15 GB memory.


The Config Connector add-on shouldn’t be used for now, use instead our documented installation steps from Configure the App .

4. Make sure you have checked Enable Workload Identity

Go to Cluster -> Security to enable it:

Enable Workload Identity

5. Make sure you have checked Enable Application Manager

Go to Cluster -> Features to enable it:

Enable Application Manager

6. After you’ve created your cluster, you’ll need to connect to it:

In your cluster details, simply press “Connect”, then copy and run the command line from here into your terminal:

Connect to the cluster

Step 3: Choose a domain for the App domain

You need a domain or subdomain that the Bitpoke App can use. For example, if you already have the domain for your agency, you can choose to set up the Bitpoke App on a subdomain such as

Step 4 (Optional): Reserve an IP on Google Cloud IP


This step is optional if you want to quickly test the App, but keep in mind that for a production site it’s recommended to reserve an IP.

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console

  2. Select VPC Network -> External IP addresses -> Reserve Static Address

    Select IPv4 and Regional, with the same region as your cluster.

  3. Point your DOMAIN DNS record to the IP

Now you can proceed with actually installing the Bitpoke App .