MySQL Cluster Recovery

MySQL operator provides a way to recreate clusters from snapshots.

The MySQL operator provides a way to recreate a cluster based on a backup (snapshot). Just create a new cluster with a new name which has initBucketURL field pointed to the right backup.

Initialize a cluster from a backup

To initialize a new cluster from a backup just set the initBucketURL to the backup that you want to use. The credentails for connecting to the storage provider should be set in the secret specified in the initBucketSecretName field , the same as for backupSecretName presented in the Backup section. These fields can point to the same secret.

kind: MysqlCluster
  name: my-cluster
  secretName: the-secret

  initBucketURL: gs://bucket_name/path/to/backup.xbackup.gz
  initBucketSecretName: backup-secret

This configuration gives you a new cluster that is initialized from the specified backup gs://bucket_name/path/to/backup.xbackup.gz.