About us

We want to take infrastructure complexity out of the equation and give everyone equal chances to have their message reach out to the world. We intend to solve this by using open source technologies and lowering complexity barriers of the most complex and performant technologies.


Democratize WordPress hosting

We do so by both publishing using the Apache 2.0 licence the code of the building blocks in the shape of Bitpoke Stack, as well as a commercial integration in the Google Cloud Marketplace, as a Kubernetes application.

Engineers should focus on solving unique problems. Let us perfect the wheel in the shape of scalable WordPress architecture.


Who is Bitpoke

We are based in multicultural Timisoara, in the heart of the Banat region and work from a creative silo called Faber, since June 2021.

Mile Rosu

Calin Don

CTO & co-founder

Perfectionist, language-agnostic day-and-night code tinkerer, loving and hating WordPress since 2005. He likes skiing in the Austrian Alps, swimming and making road-trips with his family.

Mile Rosu

Mile Rosu

CEO & co-founder

Dad of one, co-founder of three. Volunteer, software engineer then sales, marketing. Sailed through the Java, WordPress, and Kubernetes seas.