Kubernetes services

We see Kubernetes as the largest common denominator between public cloud providers. Therefore, running your application using container orchestration provided by Kubernetes means future-proofing your technical investment.


maximized Kubernetes potential

tailored process automation


Operator development

In order to integrate your business requirements into Kubernetes, we can design and build specialized controllers or extensions. We can create Kubernetes operators based on your needs, allowing you to manage intricate multi-tenant systems or giving you access to features not found in the main Kubernetes platform.


identification of automation opportunities

implementation of operators and custom resource definitions

deployment and operation documentation

code written by an experienced operator development team


better portability

improved deployment

faster updates and maintenance

simplified scaling


Application modernization

We can help you migrate applications from legacy infrastructure and hosting platforms such as bare metal machines to container-based, cloud-native designs that can be easily deployed, scaled, and audited. We can assist you to reach more of the addressable market by making your solution accessible to the major cloud providers.

We deliver

industry standard packaging for your application

automated and documented deployment flows

integration with logging, monitoring and code tracing tools


reduced TCO

manage compliance requirements

global coverage

automated system updates


Cloud Migration

We could work with you to relocate your bare-metal Kubernetes infrastructure to a cloud provider so that you can delegate cluster management and monitoring tasks and focus on your business core. We enjoy diving into delicate or sophisticated systems with tight dependencies and making them reliable while keeping them as easy to understand for future development and maintenance.

We deliver

detailed, incremental migration plan

post migration monitoring and adjustments

implementation and quality assurance of migration steps

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e.g: Move my legacy bare-metal systems to a public cloud and make it work then on ANY cloud