Bitpoke Stack is Your Open, Cloud-native WordPress Infrastructure

Bitpoke Stack is the first open-source serverless hosting platform that bridges two major technologies: WordPress and Kubernetes. The foundation of the Stack lies in the convergence between emerging technologies and a highly performance-driven industry.

Bitpoke Stack - Our platform is now Your Open WordPress Infrastructure

About the project

The foundation of our Stack lies in the convergence between emerging technologies and a highly performance-driven industry.


The Bitpoke Stack is currently the only cloud-native, open-source infrastructure available for WordPress environments of all kinds.


Announced at WordCamp Vienna 2018 in April, the Stack represents a promise to democratize scalable hosting infrastructure for good.


The Stack has been developed with high respect for quality and is being licensed under Apache License Version 2.0.


Juggling between your resources in an attempt to find the perfect infrastructure configuration is a thing of the past. Worrying about security, too.


Be the only owner of your data, now and always.


Runs in the cloud as well as in your data center.


Avoid vendor lock-in, move data freely between providers.


Self-scaling infrastructure that really works.

Data safety

Advanced backup policies for complex environments.


Standardized metrics collection and alerting.


Superior efficiency in resource usage and costs.

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The makers of the Stack will personally walk you through the installation process.

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Early adopter alert!

Ideas would be nothing without people to support them. It’s great to see you among the first ones to join the upcoming community around the Bitpoke Stack! Keep an eye on our progress, give feedback or contribute on GitHub.

Have fun and action,

The Bitpoke Stack fits a great variety of professional use cases

WooCommerce? Sure. WordPress? Even better. Power up and scale your current setup with a cutting edge infrastructure.


Enterprise environments

Tech-savvy Enterprise customers which currently use WordPress, aiming to run their own infrastructure.


WooCommerce shops

E-commerce businesses with complex requirements and heavy back-end processing, where response time impacts sales.


Self-hosting agencies

Digital agencies providing WordPress services, including in-house, white-labeled hosting for their customers.


Hosting companies

Hosting companies aiming to adopt modern technologies, and make more efficient use of their computing resources.


A strong infrastructure requires solid, secure and continuously improved technologies.


WordPress Operator & Runtime

View the project

MySQL Operator

View the project

Prometheus Operator

View the project

Cert Manager for Let’s Encrypt integration

View the project

Setup steps to get you up & running

You’re 3 lines of code away from the infrastructure you were looking for. It’s that simple!

First, get a Kubernetes cluster, then:

Install the Bitpoke Stack

$ helm repo add bitpoke

$ helm install --namespace bitpoke-stack -n stack bitpoke/stack

And to launch your site:

Launch your site

$ helm install -n mysite bitpoke/wordpress-site --set '[0]'

The Bitpoke Stack is being tested on Google's GKE. Soon, testing will continue on the other major public cloud Kubernetes-enabled providers: AWS, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean, as well as on bare metal Kubernetes installs.

Our goal with the Bitpoke Stack

You might be wondering why we do all of this and share it with you, too.

The Bitpoke Stack is not just another project. We’re going (and working!) full speed ahead to become a standard in hosting scalable WordPress and interoperable hosting providers.

We can achieve this goal only by fostering a collaborative community of dedicated developers that believe in the mission of democratizing the WordPress infrastructure as we know it.

If you want to contribute with code, ideas, feedback or simply encourage us, visit the Bitpoke GitHub profile.


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