WordPress and WooCommerce Services

Building new WordPress websites from scratch, implementing intricate backend functionalities for already-existing websites are both interesting challenges for us.


access to expertise in the domain

align with industry standards

get more accurate estimates

facilitate maintenance and future development


Project planning

We are aware that careful preparation contributes to the project's success. At this point, we make an effort to comprehend your objectives, specifications, and probable difficulties. We work with you to develop a strategy outlining the actions required to finish the project, together with schedules, budgets, and backup plans.


answers to your architecture and technical design questions

help preparing your project specification, timeline and budget

advice on choosing integrations and third party providers


identify development bottlenecks

reduce risks and save costs

get a neutral perspective

allow for continuous improvement


Technical review

We help you improve the quality, scalability, and security of your project. We facilitate pinpointing potential risks and design flaws that may have been overlooked and help you mitigate them, thus reducing issues likely occurring later on in the project. The process can be conducted at any stage of the project, whether it be in the planning or production phase.


review existing infrastructure and development processes

code quality assessment

improvement advice for potentially overlooked issues


improve search engine rankings

increase engagement and conversion rate

better scalability

reduce hosting costs


Performance optimization

We provide you with our deep knowledge of more than 18 years of monitoring and performance optimization for websites large and small. Our process involves testing, assessing, and implementing changes in order to increase your website speed and responsiveness. In the long run, we can provide you with proper tooling to continuously monitor and improve your website.


improvements for time-to-first byte

integration with full page caching and CDN

log analysis, performance monitoring and code tracing

implementation for Core Web Vitals recommendations


control the costs

regain control of your data

optimize utilization of cloud services

minimize disruptions to business operations


Cloud migration strategy

We analyze your existing development workflows and infrastructure as well as implement ways to improve them and make the work of your development team more efficient. Our services include migration of your applications and data and guidance on managing and monitoring them on the cloud.


support in adopting a modern CI/CD workflow

infrastructure design and implementation

operation and maintenance plan


preserve SEO scores

minimize availability impact

reduce data loss risk

maintain feature parity


CMS migration

We provide you with a migration plan to WordPress based on your goals after a careful review of the current content management system. We are able to work with data from various systems, either open source like Drupal, Magento, or Typo3 or proprietary solutions. Our incremental approach ensures continuity during migration operations.


detailed, incremental migration plan

post migration monitoring and adjustments

implementation and quality assurance of migration steps

features for parity between existing CMS and WordPress


access to highly specialized engineering skills

quick product cycle iteration

fast-tracked project on-boarding

build a solid foundation for further development


Bespoke development

We have a wealth of experience creating and managing WordPress-powered websites, which are the foundation of all online businesses, whether they be in e-commerce, content creation, web publishing, or brand marketing. Building new websites from scratch or implementing intricate backend functionalities for already-existing websites are both interesting challenges for us.


best practices in WordPress and WooCommerce development

development with SEO, performance and scalability in mind

open and honest collaboration with existing teams

Encryption of data at rest and in transit.