MySQL Operator Services

Adding value to the users of the open source Bitpoke Operator for MySQL


access to project creators

prioritization of features

recognition for your contribution


Feature development

We understand that software needs to be extended and maintained, so we are taking on sponsored development of features for the Bitpoke operator for MySQL that is used in your enterprise. The operator is currently run in numerous enterprise environments and remains the most appreciated open-sourced MySQL operator on Github.


the quickest way to get your feature integrated upstream

long term community support for the feature


expertise and insider knowledge

cost effective

alignment with operator’s intended use

better long-term return of investment


Implementation consulting

We can help you setting up the Bitpoke Operator for MySQL..We are available to provide engineering recommendations and help integrate the operator into your environment, giving you a smooth and easy setup for a high-availability, scalable, and secure database infrastructure running on Kubernetes.

We deliver

answers to your architecture and technical design questions

operation and maintenance plan

advice on integrating with your Kubernetes cloud provider


priority support

dedicated communication channel

continuity of support


Operator support

We can establish a prioritized and dedicated communication channel over Slack and email with your engineering team to assist with questions and debug issues that may arise, adding value and confidence to the stack you are using to run MySQL clusters on Kubernetes.

We deliver

training in making the most of the operator

troubleshooting issues related to the operator