WooCommerce? Sure. WordPress? Even better. Power up and scale your current setup with a cutting edge infrastructure. Here are the pricing metrics.

  • $0.06 site / hour 1 - 5 sites
    $0.03 site / hour 6 - 20 sites
    $0.015 site / hour 20+ sites
  • $0.08 requested vCPU / hour
  • Free user / mo 0 - 3 months
    $15.00 user / mo 3+ months

Price calculator

See the price estimate for your service configuration. View prices for the entire system or per site to analyze your potential architecture costs.

WordPress CPU
Google Compute and Storage
Google Bandwidth
Bitpoke app License
Total cost per month
Cost per site per month

Prices are approximations and are not in any way binding price quotes. Actual prices may vary depending the type of agreement, discounts and special offers from Bitpoke. Contact the Bitpoke sales team for additional information on pricing for your specific use-case: