Bitpoke App for WordPress – The First Cloud-native Hosting Platform for WordPress

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Dana Imbrescu
Dana Imbrescu

One of the most important values for us at Bitpoke was to provide a service that we’re extremely proud of. Fast sites means happy clients, but what do you do when you feel like there’s always room for improvement? You innovate.

This is how the Bitpoke App came to life. The App allows WordPress agencies and site owners to benefit from a highly sophisticated technology by providing scalable, automatic and highly available solutions for keeping WordPress sites protected and fast under heavy traffic.

It is the first cloud-native SaaS solution designed especially for WordPress, based on Kubernetes technology and powered by Google Cloud Platform. It runs only on Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine and can be installed directly from Google Cloud Marketplace, one of the most advanced Kubernetes integrators in the cloud ecosystem.

Based on the Bitpoke Stack, built to scale The Bitpoke App is a result of implementing the open-source Bitpoke Stack on top of the most advanced Google Cloud services, bringing all the untapped opportunities and benefits of modern technologies in the WordPress stack.

With a decade of experience in engineering and more than 20,000 hours of work with Kubernetes and cloud-native solutions, we aimed at providing all the advantages of a highly sophisticated technology such as container orchestration platform — Kubernetes, in a very simple and easy to handle end-to-end solution.

Why you should use the Bitpoke App? Because it was built as a reimagined site management platform that allows managing, scaling and updating the WordPress backend in a modern and reliable way, right into your Kubernetes cluster, the App delivers a fluid horizontal and dynamic scaling solution based on the incoming traffic.

That helps keep the cost under control without sacrificing availability and leads to greater autonomy and flexibility for both WordPress owners and developers.

Full control

The App offers full control over the infrastructure by allowing to quickly create, deploy and scale WordPress sites in a very intuitive way. On top of that, it gives site owners full control over their data and on how it is managed, stored and distributed.

Own your data

Another interesting factor is that the App runs on a users’ own Google Cloud account, allowing for clearer Data Processing Agreements to comply with European Union’s GDPR, thus reducing the number of third parties handling sensitive data.

Modern cloud technology

At the same time, the Bitpoke App allows you to implement a strengthened cloud strategy for your organization, with the aim of helping you keep pace with modern technologies without the need to expand your ops team or to have advanced Kubernetes technical skills.

What that does is to offer you a safe shortcut. You can now bring cloud-native features (and benefits) to your WordPress environment.

It’s a complete WordPress experience

So how exactly are we able to scale WordPress? We give developers and site managers access to the most advanced and reliable technologies on the market, from commit to deploy:

Who is the App for?

When building the Dashboard we had a great variety of professionals in mind. It’s a fit solution for:

How to make it work for you

If you are interested in the Dashboard we can schedule a demo with one of our engineers. Simply register on or write us an e-mail at

We’ll guide you through the way the App works, how it scales and how it enables your development team to take full control of your WordPress infrastructure. Decide to deliver a better WordPress site experience for your customers and get in touch with us now.

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