Turning the page for the Bitpoke App for WordPress - release 1.8

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Mile Rosu
Mile Rosu

Release 1.8 comes with a change in ownership for the Bitpoke App. We started it a while ago as an experiment in Presslabs and named it Dashboard. In July 2021 we took a different path while continuing to believe in the vision of democratizing WordPress hosting and bringing closer the next episode after the managed era. We’re taking the time here to thank the fine people from Presslabs we worked with on this project. Also, kudos to Mihai and Andi.

After a major effort spent in the last months, we completed the rewiring with the awesome support from the fine people of Google Cloud: Boris, Steve, Kevin and Dinesh, so Bitpoke App version 1.8 has reached the shelves of the Google Cloud Marketplace on February 2nd, being one of the 100 Kubernetes applications in production.

Bitpoke App for WordPress v1.8 is ready to provide your organization with a streamlined experience to set up your own cloud-native solution, under your own terms and totally in control of your data and access to host demanding WordPress or WooCommerce setups.

We encourage users to upgrade from all previous versions, since it is a significant update for all contained components(MySQL Operator v0.6, WordPress Operator v0.12, Bitpoke Stack v0.12 and most important, includes support for the newest Kubernetes versions available in Google Cloud (1.21 at the time of the writing). Our official container images are now being published on Docker Hub instead of Red Hat Quay, so make sure you use always the right ones.

Our focus for the next planned release is on building up on WooCommerce use-cases, since the Bitpoke App is designed with scaling the back-end in mind. As always, feedback is read and welcome.

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