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Release 0.6.0 of the MySQL operator comes with a series of breaking changes in order to support the replacement of the old Helm 2 charts. There are parameters that have been split, renamed, have a different default value or have been completely dropped. By doing so, now the parameter naming is following the Kubernetes standard for naming labels, which you may find here: Kubernetes common labels. If you’re not using this already in your projects, you might do so in order to avoid later edits of parameters, which are a source of errors and issues.

Here is the detailed list of the breaking changes related to the configuration parameters for the MySQL operator chart.

# Change Old parameter name Details
1 rename replicas replicaCount
2 split rbac.serviceAccountName into serviceAccountNameserviceAccount.create and
3 split image into image.repository and image.tag
4 split sidecarImage into sidecar57.image.repository and sidecar57.image.tag
5 split sidecarMysql8Image into sidecar80.image.repository and sidecar80.image.tag
6 split orchestrator.image into orchestrator.image.repository and orchestrator.image.tag
7 renamed serviceMonitor mysqlClustersGlobalServiceMonitor
8 changed default mysqlClustersGlobalServiceMonitor.enabled false by default
9 behavior change serviceMonitor now monitors the operator
10 changed default serviceMonitor.enabled false by default
11 dropped nodeAffinity use affinity instead
12 dropped podAntiAffinity use affinity instead
13 dropped installCRDs

If you are using the MySQL operator, updating to the new release should be done with care, by reviewing first the parameters that you are using in your configuration. Upgrading the operator can be done by removing the version that you are using and installing 0.6.0. The documentation reference for upgrading to 0.6.0 is available over here.

Here at Bitpoke we are looking forward to hear about the MySQL Operator use cases, stories and ideas here or at to improve the project.

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