MySQL Operator 0.5.0 - first release under the Bitpoke stewardship

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Mile Rosu
Mile Rosu

Awaited by many users, developed by the team including Calin Don, Li Yinan and Flavius Mecea, here comes finally good news about the 0.5 release of the Bitpoke’s Operator for MySQL. 0.5.0, which includes support for MySQL 8.

Some highlights of this release are:

This is the first stable release since the team at Bitpoke has taken over the stewardship from Presslabs. Part of this change the Helm repository location has changed to and docker images are published under

There are a few upcoming changes associated to the new stewardship, meaning the old API namespace will be deprecated in two steps (next two releases) in order to have a minimal impact on production installs.

The project has a new maintainer as well - Li Yinan, aka Github user @cndoit18. Li has contributed with code, has provided support to users, as well as posted new issues. Now Li has become a part of the project team, so here is a hands-on intro to his experience with the MySQL operator.

  1. How did you find out about MySQL Operator?

    We first heard about it on a share, then after verifying the functionality, we decided to use it.

  2. What were the options you have taken into consideration at the time before choosing it?

    We considered redeveloping one ourselves, but the amount of work seemed so great that we eventually abandoned the idea.

  3. How is the operator making your devops life easier?

    We were running a lot of MySQL deployed on top of virtual machines(or physical machines), but it was costing us too much in maintenance, so we were going to employ the operator to solve our problem. For now, it’s so easy to create and maintain a MySQL database.

  4. What made you decide to contribute to the project?

    In the long run, we didn’t really want to maintain two sets of code (one of which we forked ourselves), so we prefer to contribute directly to the Bitpoke operator.

  5. What do you consider should be improved in the operator?

    We want to consolidate availability and stability, which is what our DBA team needed in the first place.

Here at Bitpoke we are looking forward to hear about the MySQL Operator use cases, stories and ideas here or at to improve the project.

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