Increase the default limit range resources

The Bitpoke App has default limit ranges for memory and CPU, which you can modify to accommodate your site’s requirements.

A LimitRange is a policy to constrain resource allocations (to Pods or Containers) in a namespace, you can read more about them in the Kubernetes Documentation .

Usually these default limit ranges need to be modified if your site has performance problems, like difficulties in scaling MySQL or is missing certain features.


This how-to assumes that you know how to connect to your Google Cloud cluster and have kubectl installed.

The default limit ranges on the Bitpoke App are:

  - default:
      memory: 512Mi
      cpu: 50m
      memory: 256Mi
    type: Container

To modify the resources limit ranges, follow the next steps:

  1. Connect to your cluster where the Bitpoke App is installed.
  2. Search for the project namespace of your site, you can see it in the Bitpoke App, in the Runtime section of your site.
  3. Run the following command (replacing <your_namespace> with the namespace of your project):
    kubectl -n <your_namespace> edit limitrange presslabs-dashboard
  4. Edit the resources as needed.