Install on Minikube

Installing Stack on Minikube is no different then installing it on another Kubernetes cluster.

We recommend to start Minikube with a little bit more resources:

minikube start --cpus 4 --memory 8192

Next, you’ll need to install helm.

$ kubectl --namespace kube-system create sa tiller

$ kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller \
    --clusterrole cluster-admin \

$ helm init --service-account tiller \
    --history-max 10 \
    --override 'spec.template.spec.containers[0].command'='{/tiller,--storage=secret}' \
    --override 'spec.template.spec.tolerations[0].key'='CriticalAddonsOnly' \
    --override 'spec.template.spec.tolerations[0].operator'='Exists' \

After that, we’re ready to install Stack.

$ kubectl apply -f

$ kubectl create ns presslabs-system

$ kubectl label namespace presslabs-system

$ helm repo add bitpoke

$ helm repo update

$ helm upgrade -i stack bitpoke/stack --namespace presslabs-system \
    -f ""