Connect to your cluster and access Kubernetes pods

Connect to a cluster

On the Google Cloud Platform, go to the cluster where you installed the Bitpoke App (Kubernetes Engine -> Clusters and make sure you have the right project selected):

Connect to cluster button

Click on the Connect button corresponding to the cluster you want to connect to and you’ll see several possibilities to connect to your cluster:

  • via command-line, either from the Google Cloud Shell or from your own local setup
  • via the Cloud Console dashboard, where you can view the workloads running in your cluster

Connect to cluster options

1. Connect to your cluster in Google Cloud Shell

Click on the Run in Cloud Shell button and you’ll connect to your cluster by using the Google Cloud Shell, which will open the Cloud Shell terminal and automatically fill in the command line displayed above.

2. Connect to your cluster from your own computer

You can easily connect to your cluster and run Kubernetes commands from your own terminal. Before using the same command line access displayed above, you need to have installed:

After these are installed, just copy and paste in your terminal the command line above for connecting to your cluster, for example:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials standard-cluster-1 --region us-central1-a --project testing-reactor

Access the Kubernetes pods

Once you are connected to the cluster you can access the pods of your site.

Each site runs in its own namespace, which you can see in the Bitpoke App, under Sites - Runtime . In the example presented here the project namespace is proj-f3y745.

To see all the pods that run in a certain namespace run:

kubectl get pod -n <your_namespace>

You will see something like:

NAME                                       READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
default-mysql-0                            4/4     Running   0          5h22m
prometheus-prom-proj-0                     3/3     Running   0          5h22m
prometheus-prometheus-0                    3/3     Running   1          20h
mysite-presslabs-ajj0r-6f44fd564d-7wld2    3/3     Running   0          5h22m
mysite-presslabs-ajj0r-memcached-0         2/2     Running   0          20h

WP-CLI and any files of the site can be accessed by using the WordPress container from the instance’s pod, which in this case is mysite-presslabs-ajj0r-6f44fd564d-7wld2.

To aceess a pod run:

kubectl exec -it -n <your_namespace> <pod_name> -- bash

Don’t forget to replace <your_namespace> and <pod_name>. For the example above, if you want to access the WordPress pod you’ll run:

kubectl exec -it -n proj-f3y745 mysite-presslabs-ajj0r-6f44fd564d-7wld2 -- bash

Now you can use WP-CLI commands, e.g. list all installed plugins:

wp plugin list

As a shortcut version, you can also run WP-CLI using the commands from Commands - Run WP-CLI , which already contain your project namespace, so all you have to do is connect to your cluster and run these commands.

If you need to access the database pod, see the commands from Commands - connect to the database .

Read more about kubectl here.