How to contribute to Stack


Issues are being tracked at
They can range from bug reports to questions about development, installation process and other stuff related to the project.



Before making a change to this repository, please open an issue to discuss why the change is needed, and how it should be implemented if necessary.

  1. Clone the repository. Optionally you could fork the repo first.

    git clone && cd stack
  2. Install dependencies:

    make dependencies
  3. Implement your changes. Remember to lint your code with

    make lint
  4. Deploy to your cluster with skaffold . If you want to develop locally, use minikube to get a locally running cluster. You can follow the steps described here , except for the ones explaining how to install the stack.

    If you want to have your changes constantly deployed run:

    skaffold dev

    If you want to manually deploy your changes run:

    skaffold run
  5. Test your changes.
    There’s not much written code in stack, except for a few components (default-backend, git-webhook…) which might have their own Makefile and tests that can be run with make test.
    So most of the times testing will mean just running the stack with your changes and poking around. If you need to run a site for your use-case, read the related documentation .

  6. Open a pull request at We’ll review the pull request and assist you on getting it merged.