How to upgrade the WordPress Core

Here is the tutorial to properly upgrade the WordPress core version. Or downgrade it, in case that’s needed.

Upgrading the WordPress core version

We are assuming that your site has been created or migrated to the Bitpoke App and is using the code template layout that we warmly recommend.

The WordPress core upgrade can be done using one of the release tags that we maintain here on DockerHub.

The upgrade is triggered by a commit on the Dockerfile placed in the root folder of the code repository of your site:

# to add files to the webroot, place them in the `webroot` folder and uncomment
# the following line
# COPY --chown=www-data:www-data webroot/ /app/web/

Change the tag after the colon and push the change.

Make sure the tag exists in the Bitpoke DockerHub, otherwise the deploy will not work.

A correct edit will trigger a build and a new Docker image of your site code will be generated, which will replace the runtime of your site in the Bitpoke App.

Using a different PHP Version

The Bitpoke Docker Hub contains images tagged with PHP versions such as 6.1-php-8.1 in addition to standard ones like 6.1. The difference is that the standard versions do not change the PHP version. It stays the one that was previously used.


Please take into consideration the official WordPress PHP version compatibility chart when touching PHP.

Tags for Docker images

You have, of course, the liberty to use your own Docker images, meaning that you will have complete control of the builds.