The Bitpoke Stack is a collection of Kubernetes operators that are used to manage and operate WordPress in a cluster. These operators are cloud agnostic, meaning that Stack can run on any Kubernetes cluster.

The Bitpoke Stack is an open-source project on Github.

All the components of Stack can be viewed in the picture below:

It has a control plane made up of:

  • WordPress Operator - manages WordPress related operations. From installation and autoscaling, to cronjobs, backups, and upgrades.
  • MySQL Operator - takes care of all the database operations, from scaling and failovers to backups. Depending on your use-case, you can have one cluster per site or one cluster for multiple sites.
  • Let’s Encrypt Cert Manager - takes care of automatically generating TLS certifications and accommodate their renewal
  • NGINX Operator - manages all the NGINX instances that are user-facing

Going further, the data plane represents the actual pods running and its underlying storage. We recommend starting with bitpoke/stack-wordpress , but we’ll get further into the Runtime a little bit later, since it’s tied with the deployment process.

A system like Stack, with a lot of moving pieces, needs a monitoring system. We chose Prometheus for metrics storage (managed by the Prometheus operator ) and Grafana for visualizations and alerting.